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Joss Bubble gave me for posting

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[17:33] BYT METER: Joss Bubble has been defeated by dustin Xarlen.

[17:34] You: takes joss's comms and trackers

[17:35] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) growls a bit as blood runs from her mouth she faintly whispers " what th th fuck " as she feels him grab her communications from her attepting to move she remebers she was bound by the green creature she attempts to roll over to see who has her

[17:35] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) leans down and smiles

[17:36] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) holds joss in his arms and setts her up against the walls

[17:37] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) flinches slightly as she feels someone grab her and place her up against a wall her vision blurry she tries to make out who is in front of her her knees close to her eyes she attempts to rub the blood from her eyes she speaks coughing before speaking " who are you"

[17:39] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen)steps back looking at her his lips snarled slightly he grins " what a waste" looking her over rubbing his finger along his blade " what do you think I should do to you" pausing slightly he places the sword beneath her chin " you smell you know that right..." leans in and sniffs " you smell of a fucking Hell Viking"

[17:40] DEthLYbLade Footpad Jumps down landing with a thump curses himself for being so loud on aprouch of a potential Victim , slowly recovering from the jump Reealizes that his so called victim Was his brother. He Tilts his head and says " Hello Brother Who you got there ? "

[17:40] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) starteled he quickly pulls back his blad and look to his brother the glossy glaze he once had gone " Oh just some girl"

[17:42] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) moves her face from the blade her hed lifts slightly as she sees a cloudy green object fall in her line of sight she lifts her head blood runing from her lips she looks to dustin ' I'm Joss they call me Kill bill and I dont smell " spitting blood out of her mouth she looks at them both " why am I here" each word harder to get out she moves her wrist lifting herself attempting to be comfortable

[17:43] DEthLYbLade Footpad Looks At the Girl Recognizeing her from the attack while he was Holding Pepto Captive , Growls Lowly " This is that scum that Chased us all over Forbidden city and into Mayhem , What do you plan on doing to this Skum "

[17:44] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) tightes the ropes binding her wrist painfully i mite have her stuffed bro

[17:46] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) grunting slightly letting out a low yelp she slams her head back trying to lift off of her wrist a single tear streams down her face she looks to the green outlining ' Allow me to introduce myself" pausing she coughs and clears her throat " I am not skum I am Joss you can call me Kill Bill" he eyes shift quickly to Dustin an evil grin curls to her lips her mouth filled with blood " and you will regret anything you do to me"

[17:47] DEthLYbLade Footpad Smiles Slowly " Why dont you make her your Toy your pet a plaything just for you and your family , We could even make her look more like an animal than human being or whatever the Rot skum is here "

[17:47] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) i liek humans bro

[17:47] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) id rather make her an elf

[17:48] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) smirks slightly " a toy?..thats what I look like I could be for him" turns her gaze back to Dustin listening she eys Him her vision begginning to clear as she rubs them on last time againstthe cloth on her knees she look shim up and down slowly making sure she doesnt miss one detail " Im not a very obedient toy"

[17:49] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls " Well an elf would be to weak , looks his brother up and down, For instance Look at you Forexample " snickers a bit and coughs "

[17:50] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) takes a piece of meat out dangling in front of the weak vampire

[17:50] DEthLYbLade Footpad walks next to the girl and sits down beside her

[17:50] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) looks to his bro and ure a cute lil kitty

[17:50] DEthLYbLade Footpad JUmps at the meat wresting the meat from his grip

[17:50] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) smacks down the kitty

[17:51] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) her head knodding she tries to control it she lets her head fall back against the wall she watches them and smiles and laughs quickly stopping as pain shoots down her side she looks at Dustin a hunger building she slams her head back again knowing she needs to feed " look figure it out what your going to do"

[17:52] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) sits down beside his new trophy

[17:52] DEthLYbLade Footpad Gets hit in the head and flys banging his body on the wall Hard , hears some bones Crush under the Shear power of the hit , Lays there near the wall damaged And bruised says Weakly " i see your not as Weak as you seem " Looks to the misses " you should be lissoning to him i would say love "

[17:53] DEthLYbLade Footpad Moves from the side of the wall behind the Girl to inspect her body after the brutal Thrashing his brother gave him

[17:53] You: walking up to her he kneels down pullng a pack of cigarrettes from his pocket he leans down cupping his hand and he lights flipping the lid back on his lighter he inhales his head tilted back he inhales leaning back down grabbing her by the back of the head he blows the remaining smoke into her face " you have fight I like that"

[17:53] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) growl and looks to him quickly her glossy gaze of hunger gone " Get away from me cat"

[17:54] DEthLYbLade Footpad: /Me Growls then smirks " Can i have her brother , I would adore i new pet toy to play with , I would indeed "

[17:55] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) thumps his brothers nose screaming out shes all mine

[17:55] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) the smoke hitting her face she slowly turns to him leaning forward her breath on his lips she speaks in a low growl " I will hunt you" not breaking her gaze with Dustin she responds to the reply of her being somoen elses toy " not on your life kitty boy" her mouth still filled with blood she licks slowly around the lining of Dustins lips " you cant handle me"

[17:57] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls at his brothers Words then moves his focus to the women , he moves in close to the Bounded figure and Starts to lick Her Exposed skin Showing between her pants

[17:57] DEthLYbLade Footpad Licks Slowly and sensualy with his rough tounge , Notices quickly that he likes her Taste and stops moving away from the girl
17:58] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) watches her intently a bit startled as she moves closer he doesnt show it he stares listenting to her talk he smirks at her response suddenly the warmth of her tongue against his lips he jumps back noticing his brother he grabs him pushing him off and says in a low growl sterner then before " I said she is mine"

[17:59] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls at his Brother decesion to keep him from this prize he has now , Frowns " But i want to eat her , I can i just have a limb ! "

[18:00] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) her body tightens as she feels his rough tongue move across her body clenching her teeth she growls slowly tilting her head she closes her eyes " Look boys one at a time and I dont do animals" leanign her head forward as her hair falls into her face she looks up at dustin ' so what are you going to do before the kitty takes me here"

[18:01] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) grabs another chunk of meat from his pack and trows it

[18:02] DEthLYbLade Footpad jumps in mid air and grabs the meat in his mouth , Chewing it rapidly before his brother can react

[18:03] DEthLYbLade Footpad moves in closer to the Girl , Sits beside her , whispering into her ear " I want to eat you or i want you as my pet you can choose your fate "

[18:05] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) sits back still a bit taken back with her he wipes his lips he lowers his head putting away his cigarrettes " I told you bro she is mine" removing the ring from his left hand the family emblem on it " Im going to make sure one else can claim you ...a bit awkward for you since it will have my name and my family emblem" turning his lighter on he gegins to heat the ring

[18:06] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls and Grabs her roughly throwing her behind him , Growls Lowly " She is mine im stealing her from you "

[18:07] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) still staring at Dustin watching his every action she whispers " You cant eat me and Id make a horrible pet" watching the ring become red she attempts to move away starled as she is grabbed

[18:08] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) falls.

[18:08] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) tightens the grip me has on the rope watching her from his grip " BACK OFF!"

[18:09] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) falls against the floor he head hitting the pavement she groans curling up into a ball

[18:10] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls Biteing his brothers hand making him bleed in his hand from the fang marks , Sees his brother drop her and pushes her behind him , Stands up and moves around in circles around his prey " Brother i dont want to hurt you ! "

[18:11] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls " I loose Control When i taste something thats............ That good , it makes me drool thinking about it "

[18:12] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) sighs as he brings out a bigger piece of meat and cat nipp he dangles a bit in a slightly playful tone " come this is better let me have this one I have been hunting her for a while and now I have it dont mess this up for me" wiping the blood from his hand

[18:13] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) closes her eyes tightly as she is pulled around like a ball of yarn she clenches her teeth not knowing how much fight she has left

[18:13] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls but keeps an eye on the cat nip , knowing it would make him feel very good " Im not giving her up for Cat nip or meat ! "

[18:14] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls and Looks for his wepon on his person , knowing what this would lead to

[18:16] DEthLYbLade Footpad Takes his sword from his Sheath and places it at his side

[18:17] DEthLYbLade Footpad Makes sure his gun is armed and louded , Growls Angerly " Brother one last chance , Let me take her away and there will be no fight "

[18:17] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) grabs her hair yanking her head to the side of the fighting and aargung with is brother he slams the ring on her neck branding her he whispers a chant from his elven ground he places a marking spell on her

[18:18] DEthLYbLade Footpad pushes him away before he can continue the spell , Takes his hand and places it over his mouth on his last word that he needed to finish the enchant

[18:18] DEthLYbLade Footpad Stands up and moves forward sword and wepon Drawn and ready

[18:19] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls and pulls the Girl behind him

[18:21] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls and looks to his brother , noticeing that he is weak from fighting the winch

[18:21] DEthLYbLade Footpad Chants words of healing and Trys to heal his brother with his chants " i want a fair fight , im no pussy "

[18:21] Aimee Thirdborn: OH HEEYYYYY!! ◕‿◕

[18:23] Aimee Thirdborn: so u two what have u been doing to this girl?

[18:23] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls and Sees his sister comming , Pawfaces And says " What are you doing here sister? "

[18:23] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) calms down and steps back pulling his hand away from his mouth he leans down and quietly whispers in Joss's ear to low for anyone to hear he leans back and smiles knowing what he has done he stands back " why do you want her so badly trust me she isnt your type"

[18:25] DEthLYbLade Footpad turns to his Brother "Were still fighting" , Pushes his sister aside and pulls his wepon out

[18:25] Aimee Thirdborn: well i heard a little noise and ofcourse i wonderd where u two were so i looked

[18:26] Aimee Thirdborn kicks her brother a little "dont touch me like that bro" walks over to the girl leans down pulls a peice of cloth out and whipes some of the blood off her face

[18:26] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) her head still to the side the pain shooting from the side of her neck

[18:27] DEthLYbLade Footpad moves forward to his brother and shoves his sword next to his foot breaking the concreat " now lets fight "

[18:28] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen)looks to Aimee " tell him to go I dont want to fight him...I had her fair and square he had Pepto"

[18:28] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) feels the cloth brush against her face she flinches afraid of whats going on around her she pulls her legs in closer hugging herself as she hears dustins words in her head

[18:28] DEthLYbLade Footpad pushes his sister behind him and steps in front of her , Smirks and smiles " Your mine now "

[18:29] Aimee Thirdborn stands up looking at both of her brothers "u two stop it this is not needed stop acting like kids"

[18:29] DEthLYbLade Footpad Gets into his brother face trying to scare him away , not really wanting to fight him

[18:30] Aimee Thirdborn steps on deths foot and yanks some of his fur pulling him back slightly and shouts "stop brother u are not 2 stop acting like it"

[18:31] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) begins to get very agravated he begins to clinch hes fists as winds start to swirl around him

[18:31] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) pulling away from him she tries to wiggle away from them both the words whispered by dustin repeatin gin her head she begins to rock back and forth trying not to scream she begins to hum to quiet his voice

[18:32] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls a low growl as he begins to become stronger

[18:32] BYT DEthLYbLade Footpad uses Courage3 on themself.

[18:32] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) grows more andry every second his brother stands in his path

[18:32] Aimee Thirdborn turns her head seeing some movement behind her she leans down to the women placing her hands on her lightly and aims to keep her still "dont worry hun"

[18:33] BYT METER: dustin Xarlen uses Infernum4 on themself.

[18:36] BYT METER: dustin Xarlen has been defeated by DEthLYbLade Footpad.

[18:36] DEthLYbLade Footpad lands the finishing blow not realizing what is too come of his own life

[18:36] BYT DEthLYbLade Footpad has been defeated by dustin Xarlen.

[18:37] DEthLYbLade Footpad Falls down beside his Brother , coughs lightly " what have we done brother ! "

[18:37] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) dustins voice grows louder in her head she begins to scream " Make it Stop"

[18:37] Aimee Thirdborn looks towards her brothers "i told u, u idiots"

[18:38] Kill Bill (joss.bubble) bites her lips to muffle her scream

[18:38] Aimee Thirdborn puts her right hand on her forhead and with her left pushing her body down slightly "shhh its okie"

[18:38] DEthLYbLade Footpad Growls And accepts deafeat " now what ? "

[18:38] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen)well brother

[18:39] Anaka Wolf (anakaliasworld13.sparrowtree) is Offline

[18:39] ParentalAdvisoryExplicitContent (dustin.xarlen) looks to him and spits out blood " well nowe we an talk " why do you want her"

[18:40] DEthLYbLade Footpad Smirks " For food or For a pet possibly "

[18:40] Aimee Thirdborn puts up her left hand "shes mine now seeing as u both are dead"


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