RP (HV vs. The Saints.)

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RP (HV vs. The Saints.)

Post  Lithia on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:10 am

[03:31:49] Tara Leirdrow nudges the fallen girl with her foot.
[03:32:14] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) kneels and tightly binds her by the feet and hands,, with an old piece of rope , he found in the

[03:32:38] Lithia Swansen remains silent as she is bein bound.
[03:32:43] Lithia Swansen: being***
[03:33:04] You silently accept Capture Bindings (Female) from Choisbro Shan.
[03:33:21] BYT Healball shouts: Toker Resident left the healball.(73/44/22)
[03:33:41] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses Awaken on themself.
[03:33:41] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen has been revived and regained their strength.
[03:33:49] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) then checks to the tightness, swinging of the rope loops,, mhmmm,, that seems to be tight enough for

this little miss, and makes a rough leash out of spare rope,, then coils it around one hand
[03:34:37] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): i guess , i shouldnt have tied her feet together, , i think ill have to remember that next time
[03:34:41] Tara Leirdrow looks to Chois then to the girl , eyeing off the rope,''Sooo Officer what's the plan?.
[03:34:46] Lithia Swansen: This won't go unnoticed. You will pay for it when I am not a sole fighter.
[03:35:48] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) chuckles a evil laugh ,, and then coughs ,, at her words,, oh, but im evil hv, and ive come to looks

to tara, errrm what have i come to do ,

[03:37:22] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): ok,, we can have some afternoon tea with, ummm,, kneels infront and taps lithia on the cheek,, whats your name dear

[03:37:43] Tara Leirdrow clas excitedly
[03:37:47] Tara Leirdrow: claps*
[03:37:51] Lithia Swansen eyes the two before beginning to slightly squirm, "Evil?" She says, her tone clearly sarcastic, "There's no sense to

it, it is merely numbers."
[03:38:30] Tara Leirdrow: Officer il go help Nuno i can meet you at base!.
[03:38:37] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): well you can be my special guest at my very own dinner party ,, just you need to tell me your name ,
[03:38:47] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): ok, smiles to tara dont be late for the party
[03:40:10] Lithia Swansen chuckles, now wincing as her wounds begin to heal, "Of course, I will need to tell you my name." She would say,

before adding, "And if I don't?" She asks, a question followed by a sigh as though knowing the response.
[03:40:13] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses Regen2 on themself.
[03:40:38] BYT METER: You can use healing skills again.
[03:41:01] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): well i will just make my own name for you ,,, i will call you cute ass, untill, further notice,

grins evily,

[03:43:03] Lithia Swansen rolls her eyes, unimpressed and clearly agitated, "You may not call me that, simply because you do not have the

priviledge to have a say on anything that I own." She would say, her voice low but stern. "It is Lithia." She says, before pressing her lips

together as though she'd regretted it.
[03:44:29] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses Regen2 on themself.
[03:44:55] BYT METER: You can use healing skills again.
[03:44:57] Dawnie The Strange (dawn.ludlow) shouts: haha like i'm gonna run somowhere i'm bind ,hahaha
[03:46:43] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) grins,, and tugs at the leash alittle,, well there we go, that wasnt too hard,, for u ,, what a

lovely name,, lithia, lithia cute ass, by the way i can call you anything I want, and im starting with cuteass, becaseu im the one holding the

leash , and sadly you are all tied up, and dont have much say in the matter,, chickles, and brushes your cheek with his thumb,, so shall we

go,, i have something special planed for you and tugs at the leasn alittle more,, turning to look over his shoulder,, ill try and miss the

rocks along the way, i would hate to damage you along the way
[03:47:22] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen has gone noncom.

[03:50:39] Tara Leirdrow: OW!!
[03:50:40] Tara Leirdrow: :/
[03:50:49] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen has switched to Combative.
[03:50:56] Lithia Swansen: back.))
[03:51:02] Tara Leirdrow: wb)
[03:51:13] Tara Leirdrow: i need a hospital byee

[03:54:57] Lithia Swansen mumbles to herself as she feels a tug at her bindings, before she would attempt to resist, forcing her body to turn

to the other direction. "Does not mean I will respond to that." She would say, between gritted teeth before looking up, her eyes fixed the

hospital's direction, somewhat hoping someone would come for her rescue. "I have no choice but to follow, but I will remember this, and the

things I remember, other people regret." She says, her tone a threat despite of her position. She was never good at keeping quiet.
[04:00:31] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses Regen2 on themself.
[04:00:56] BYT METER: You can use healing skills again.
[04:03:33] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) ears twitch at the sound of her voice,, and then laughs,, before continueing to drag her along,,, you

know im counting on you not forgeting, I dont want you to ever forget me,, my name should be burnt into your memmory when i am done with you,,

hehe, and Ill tell you one more thing, I dont mind you not resonding to what ever im going to call you becaue when you call some one the same

thing long enough, they eventually do,, and believe it,, so miss lithia cuteass, you will be my toy, whether your mouthy or not, grins , and we

are going to ahve a date, and a dinner party , and you are going to love it arnt you grins and slowly kicks up alittle dust in her direction

before draging her further
[04:11:05] Lithia Swansen's face remains rather motionless before breathing in rather loudly then holding it in, preparing herself for what is

to come, her face twisted into an agonized grimace, as she would listen to him speak, not really hearing any of it but catching the point. "I'm

yet to know why you seem to think you have all the power, just because you hold another end of a rope." She would begin, her voice low and

somewhat shaky. She is afraid but would not show it if it were her death that came next. "I value my soul, for it is not blood that flows

through my veins, and it is not life that beats within my chest. Whatever you do to my being, I can heal, and I can overcome and certainly I

can forget." She would add, her eyes lithely drifting towards him, challenging his gaze with a glare. "You do not own what you have just

outnumbered, but if comforts you to think so, I am not --" She would let out a yelp, not that of a human, before she feels herself being

dragged across the rough ground, now holding her breath yet again.
[04:17:25] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) grins, then whips the leash about snaking it to and throw, trying to make the trip unconfortable, as

he can,, you know, I know im not all powerful, but the point is, I dont have to be, I only need to be more powerful then you, hehe, and you are

now in my care, which means, there is going to be alot to forget on your behalf before we are finnished, and I really hope you enjoy this as

much as I, pauses slightly, nah i dont care if you do or not, chuckles, alittle, and starts to whisle a happly little tuen,, and humm some

words to a song he made up along the way,, lithia ,, oh lithia cuteass, we are going out for tea, that is what I say,, oh lithia , oh lithia

cute ass , I hope she takes the bill and will pay,, hehe,

[04:19:21] pancho Porthos: holabro
[04:19:25] pancho Porthos: HOoOoLa...!
[04:19:35] pancho Porthos: good hvnt
[04:19:35] pancho Porthos: hvnt good
[04:19:45] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): hi there
[04:20:19] pancho Porthos: v have a new pet?
[04:20:28] pancho Porthos: HAHHHHAHAHA Very Happy
[04:21:19] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): well this is my date , for the night, she is willing, looks over to lithia , isnt that right,, we

are aving a good time, isnt that right
[04:21:43] pancho Porthos: oOkKKkKk!
[04:21:56] pancho Porthos: was fvn night then
[04:21:56] pancho Porthos: Then night FVN WAS
[04:22:12] pancho Porthos: well no distvrb more
[04:22:12] pancho Porthos: well no more distvrb
[04:22:14] pancho Porthos: cya
[04:22:41] ++Hell Viking++ Gates whispers: Welcome home ++Hell Viking++!!!
[04:22:49] ++Hell Viking++ Gates whispers: Welcome home ++Hell Viking++!!!
[04:25:44] Lithia Swansen 's face still retains that grimace, as she listens to him speak, her mind racing with what she would be able to do

next, yet she is not equipped but with a pair of pistols. "You and I obviously have different views on what power is.." She says quietly. It is

not that she accepted defeat, but she needed to think, and fast. She would just move her face away as her body would scrape against the ground,

its imprefections slightly wounding her, yet it isn't the pain she feels which concerns her as she dragged towards what seems to be the base.
[04:31:27] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) pulls up inside his base, then scans the area , turns back to his bound captive,, then kneels in

front once more,, with a worried look on his face,, then trys to lift your head up by the hair gently,, now look around, this is were I give

you a choice of what is going to happen to you , and points to the cage in teh corner,, now option one is the cage,, there i shall leave you,

and use you from time to time, like my catured slave,, it is always good to have someone, just there to grab at will, then leave them in the

cage for later... chuckles,, or two,, you sit at the louch peacefully, we have a nice date,, with out any fus, do what i say , and then you can

go, then pauses again thinking,, oh untill our second date that is, grins evily
[04:33:51] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): lounge*
[04:36:12] Lizzy Rascon is Offline
[04:39:33] Lithia Swansen 's face would slightly ease up, yet wincing yet again as he would lift her head up, now allowing her gaze to meet

his, before turning away, her eyes lingering towards the cage for a moment, before she would breathe in, her breath inconsistent and rather

faint, and as he would continue to speak her stomach would begin to churn at the thought of being ones slave, obviously settling for the

latter. "What is it you would like to speak about, for I do not understand why I am such a concern?" She would ask, her voice weary, yet still

firm. "You will need to untie me first." She adds quickly, her voice slightly louder now as though the thought had made her stronger.
[04:47:16] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): Oh, well your not really of any concern really except I like to toy with my victims, tease them and

just annoy them till i get what I want , so yes i can untie you, but remember, there is no, excape unless I let you out of here, so in

realitie, you are trapped in this base with me untill ive desided to let you out so even running kicking or putting up any fight will just

result in the cage, and I think the cage is more a fourth date thing, and this is our first date,, grins from ear to ear, then slowly unwraps

the bindings, so now be a good girl,,,
[04:47:29] Choisbro Shan starts to cut Lithia Swansen loose.
[04:50:31] ƇЯΔẕϤ ÐΔϤ (lolouyt.clowes): hi there
[04:50:41] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): hii there, , smiles
[04:50:47] ƇЯΔẕϤ ÐΔϤ (lolouyt.clowes): all fine?
[04:51:51] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): yes lithia here, is fine too, she said so, didnt you ,, nudges her with his boot ,
[04:51:52] Lithia Swansen slowly gets up to her feet, now lifting her hand up towards her hair, "I better find my hat later, or you will be

extremely unhappy with the result." She says, before angrilly making her way towards the couch, now looking up the Lolout and saying nothing.

"I don't want to sit on this couch, I would very much rather the ground." She would say, lifting a hand to her hip and tilting her head to the

side, her tone slightly demanding.
[04:52:23] ƇЯΔẕϤ ÐΔϤ (lolouyt.clowes): xD im too lazy foir rp))
[04:52:23] lolouyt Clowes: xD im too lazy evening rp))
[04:52:46] Lithia Swansen: It's okay xD))
[04:54:48] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): remember , its the couch, or the cage,, grins, placeing his hand son his hips with a conserned

expression on his face, I think it would be wize to sit on it, i mean i dont want to speed this to the fourth date, taking it very slow, after

all, chuckles then goes and sits down , taping the fabric with his hand, now come on, hehe, sit down near me
[04:57:42] Lithia Swansen lets out a rather loud and agitated sigh, now eyeing the couch once again. "It is quite a disgusting couch. I am

certain for it belongs to your kind." She says, now muttering to herself before making her self rather uncomfortable and taking a seat,

instantly turning her face away from Choisbro and folding her arms together, clearly unwilling to start a conversation.
[04:57:57] Lithia Swansen: Really...?! -.- __
[04:57:59] Lithia Swansen: ))*
[05:00:56] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): thank you, as he turns polite, now I have some icecream, pulls a bowl from behind out,, wow not even

melted either, grins,, and puts it inbetween, now we will share icecream, thats always a good thing to do on a first date, then starts to sing

alittle as he hands her a spoon,,,Roses are red, voilets blue,
the cherry on the top is mine,
I was not saving it for you,
[05:03:57] Lithia Swansen would perk a brow, her eyes studying the icecream before she would roll her eyes, and let out a rather audible

'Pft'. "I will not have this icecream. I would be insane to think this is perfectly harmless." She would now say, gently pushing the bowl away

with her hand. "You can enjoy yours." She would finally add, offering him a quick, and obviously fake smile, before quickly tuning away yet

[05:06:05] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): oh, I offer icecream and you refuse, then eyes the cage, then back to her quickly,, before taking

amouthfull with his spoon, leaving a small bit on the tip and leaning over close to you, his slobber driping from the metal,, now open wide ,

my dear, grins,, or it is the cage for you, chuckles
[05:07:18] joshi Dexler is Online
[05:13:21] Lithia Swansen lets out an irritated grunt, now snatching the spoon from his hand and accidentally dropping it on the ground, "Oh

look at that. We need a new spoon." She says, her tone calm yet meant to irritate.
[05:19:08] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): oh, not the spoon, his eyes crinckle up and a serious expression comes over his face, then lungers

forward trying to grip her by the throat, now miss lithia cute ass,, that is my grandmothers special silver, she smuggled out of poland, during

the war,, it could be the cage for you , and you know it, then picks up the spoon, taking a swipe of the now melting icecream, and then lifts

it towards your mouth, now eat it its nice,
[05:27:11] Lithia Swansen 's eyes widen as she would instantly gasp, now lifting both hands towards his, in attempt to loosen his grip, she

would not instantly in hopes he would let go. And once he does, she would bring herself closer, as she would first stick out her tongue,

tasting the icecream, then finally agreeing to have it. Upon doing that she would look away, "When do I get to go home?" She asks, clearly not

enjoying the taste. "This icecream tastes terrible, and I want water." She adds, now looking towards Choisbro. "Can I have water?" She repeats,

lifting her eyebrows upwards in question.
[05:31:51] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) eases his hand from her neck, gently caressing the slight imprint from her skin with his thumb, oh

you did not like the icecream, i thought spinage flavour was popular,, chuckles,, then drops the spoon, see what a lovely date, this is,, im

not sure if there is water around but that old beer still has half in it, maybe taste that, no, i think you should taste that, grins, then you

can go home,
[05:32:06] BYT METER: Thank you for not camping.
[05:33:02] kevinm6 Dirval: 0
[05:33:32] joshi Dexler: erm....sir
[05:33:40] joshi Dexler: I think you hold here one of our sisters illegal
[05:33:51] Tara Leirdrow: <.<
[05:34:09] Tara Leirdrow: She is a visiot
[05:34:13] Tara Leirdrow: visitor
[05:34:14] Tara Leirdrow: Hehe! XD
[05:34:16] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan) looks over to joshi,, oh who ,, me, points his thumb into his chest, nooo, she wanted a date, and we

had icecream, thats not illegal im sore
[05:34:20] Lithia Swansen 's gaze would instantly drift towards her family, as her face would light up t their presence, now getting up she

would say, "No, thank you, I would rather have what I need when I get home."
[05:34:23] joshi Dexler looks to Tara and nods...greetings Ma´am
[05:34:39] kevinm6 Dirval: you ok sis
[05:34:41] Tara Leirdrow waves..''Hii
[05:35:10] joshi Dexler: they did any worse things to you?
[05:35:19] Tara Leirdrow gasps
[05:35:29] Lithia Swansen nods, "I always am." She says. "I just developed a great unliking towards that man." She adds, pointing at Choisbro.
[05:35:31] joshi Dexler notices that Lithia looks healthy
[05:36:23] kevinm6 Dirval looks up at chois " you better didnt harm her, or wrose than it will be back to you "
[05:36:26] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): oh, thats not fair, looks to tara,, i invite her into our home, i give her my faverote icecream, and

look, she says she doesnt like me , im hurt, starts to snuffle
[05:36:31] ƇЯΔẕϤ ÐΔϤ (lolouyt.clowes): trié
[05:36:31] lolouyt Clowes: sorted
[05:36:57] joshi Dexler looks arround.....I saw already much more nice homes....
[05:37:28] Tara Leirdrow frowns and pats chois on the arm..'There there'',then loosk over to Lithis ..''Nice one hurting his feelings bitch!'
[05:37:51] joshi Dexler: well, I think we should leave this place here
[05:38:02] Tara Leirdrow: lithia*
[05:38:04] joshi Dexler: later we will "invite" you to our home
[05:38:14] Lithia Swansen rolls her eyes. "It was not icecream, it was poison." She would say, "And if it weren't poison, it tasted like

poison. You must have a terrible taste." She would add, now looking towards Tara, "Oh I feel terrible." She says, her voice sarcastic.
[05:38:21] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): a small tear trickles his cheek, and i really thought she was the one, sinks down into his shoulders

[05:38:22] Tara Leirdrow: ''Yeah well i hope you all offer us some deserts
[05:38:24] kevinm6 Dirval nods to joshi " i have to take a shower from that stinky lab we went throw "
[05:38:54] joshi Dexler pets his sister
[05:39:08] joshi Dexler: lets go home....
[05:39:12] Tara Leirdrow growls ..''Oh look now his crying'',,ignores lithias sarcasm
[05:39:35] Lithia Swansen nods, eyeing Choisbro. "It will be fine. You will live." She says quietly before turning away.
[05:39:46] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): tara, you wont let them leave with out a doggy bag , i have plentie of icecream,
[05:40:11] Tara Leirdrow: ''Okayy... where is it..?'
[05:40:50] joshi Dexler raises his eyebrow listening to chois and tara
[05:40:56] kevinm6 Dirval sigh and move alittle around toward the door " thx for the gift you can send them per post latter"
[05:40:57] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): here, i think they all need icecream, then looks at joshe, .. for a sec , especially him,
[05:41:24] Tara Leirdrow frowns and nods slightly..
[05:42:08] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): we were having a wonderful date, i even hired some musicians to sing her a tuen, yet , starts to sob

alittle more, they bust in, its wrecked now,, what ever am i to do,, throws his hand over his eyes
[05:42:23] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): tune*
[05:43:19] Tara Leirdrow starts to feel uncomfortable not really ever seeing chois in this kind of state..''Umm oh i know! we could hang her

for making you sad '
[05:43:29] joshi Dexler: just now we dont wish to listen to your musicants sir, we prefer to go
[05:43:50] Tara Leirdrow looks over to joshi ''Ohhh but stay its so fun here !
[05:44:04] joshi Dexler: I am more for table dance girls
[05:44:09] kevinm6 Dirval turn to them again "could you open the door so we can go "
[05:44:10] joshi Dexler laughs
[05:44:16] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): i think i was the only one to be hurt here, tara,, not her, i invited her into my home, opend my

heart, she needs to pay for that , grins
[05:44:22] Lithia Swansen blinks, now quietly making her way towards Choisbro and lifting a hand to pat him on the shoulder, "Be strong, one

day someone will care for you." She says, "You will be loved. Now I am not sure if she will be sane, but she will love you." She finally adds,

looking towards Joshi and nodding.
[05:44:32] Tara Leirdrow thinks for a momment..''i could ask Toppa she loikes to dance'
[05:44:55] joshi Dexler: oh well Toppa.....that futuristig bi...I mean Lady....
[05:44:59] Tara Leirdrow looks at kevin''You not going anywhere..
[05:45:47] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): tara, shooosh ya mouth, grins, lets show them a dinner party for messing upo my date
[05:46:00] Tara Leirdrow: oOkKKkKk!
[05:46:11] Tara Leirdrow: But don't tel me what to do again
[05:46:15] Tara Leirdrow: ..
[05:46:19] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): i just like tha tword
[05:46:20] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses DrainLife on joshi Dexler
[05:46:21] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses Regen2 on themself.
[05:46:21] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): word
[05:46:27] Tara Leirdrow: I'l kil ou
[05:46:36] Tara Leirdrow: YOU DONT THINK I WONT?
[05:46:42] BYT METER: Your in cooldown mode for healing skills.(5) seconds
[05:46:45] BYT METER: Your in cooldown mode for healing skills.(2) seconds
[05:46:46] BYT METER: You can use healing skills again.
[05:46:51] BYT METER: Lithia Swansen uses Indulge1-II on joshi Dexler
[05:46:51] BYT METER: You can use offensive skills again.
[05:46:51] joshi Dexler: arent you able to talk in a nice way here?
[05:46:52] Tara Leirdrow claps 'Yayyy Toppa the dancer is heree
[05:47:00] Sakura Haruno (toppa.hax): HALP
[05:47:08] kevinm6 Dirval smirks to tara then turn again at chois " you had a date with our sis and now you wanna hurt her , nice manners"
[05:47:12] joshi Dexler: as we arrived peopole told me that your family is a bunch of barbarians....not sure they are right....
[05:47:22] Tara Leirdrow: Tooppa this man here **points at joshi 8 HE WANTS A UM TABLE DANCE'
[05:47:24] Lithia Swansen: Your dancer seems to be rather..strange.
[05:47:28] Tara Leirdrow: opps sorry caps lmao()
[05:47:33] joshi Dexler: lol))
[05:47:49] joshi Dexler looks down to toppa
[05:47:51] joshi Dexler: mh...
[05:47:51] Lithia Swansen: I am not sure anyone on this planet is interested in such dancing. We better leave.
[05:48:00] Sakura Haruno (toppa.hax): what about this fuck
[05:48:02] .:.Cho.Cho.:. (choisbro.shan): well maybe you all, should go before some one gets hurt, just like my feelings,, its geting crowded

, here, and i need some room
[05:48:17] Tara Leirdrow: But Toppa want's to dance
[05:48:18] Leather right wrist cuff (r forearm) whispers: toppa Hax has been locked by toppa Hax ("6 U-binder").
[05:48:27] kevinm6 Dirval: "oppen the door for us then "
[05:48:31] Lithia Swansen: "Yes big man, get the door for us." She says, eyeing chois.


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